Every child will be encouraged to study science by practical investigation and observation as this is how scientists find out about the world around us. Children learn that scientific knowledge is based on the conclusions scientists have drawn from their investigations. They also need to know how scientists work and the contribution science makes to our society.

The key skills of scientific investigation, the children will learn are:

  • A curiosity about the world around them
  • Seeking explanations and thinking critically about scientific ideas by developing the skills of scientific investigation
  • Developing recording and presentation skills
  • Working co-operatively with others, listening to and respecting their ideas
  • Developing a respect for evidence
  • Developing a respect for the environment and living things
  • Working safely at all times and understand procedures for safety in the curriculum

Through this practical investigative approach children will learn and develop an age appropriate scientific understanding and knowledge of the world around them. They will also use scientific vocabulary correctly.

Our scheme of work for teaching science across the school can be found below:

Science Curriculum Map Years 1 – 6

Richard Alibon Year 1 Science Curriculum

Richard Alibon Year 2 Science Curriculum

Richard Alibon Year 3 Science Curriculum

Richard Alibon Year 4 Science Curriculum

Richard Alibon Year 5 Science Curriculum

Richard Alibon Year 6 Science Curriculum

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum our school is following please ask to speak to the Science Lead at the school.  A link to the National Curriculum science programmes of study which also contain useful information can be found here