The new national tests

2016 was the ­first year of the new key stage 2 tests in maths, reading and grammar, punctuation and spelling.

The tests assess children against a new national standard. The tests from 2016 onwards reflect the new primary curriculum which was introduced in 2014.  The Department for Education has introduced the new curriculum to be on a par with the best education systems in the world and expect children to achieve higher standards than before. Similarly children in Year 2 have been assessed against their new more demanding curriculum.

The PDF below summarises the school’s performance against known national average performance.

Children in our special needs base (ARP) are included in this public data. If the SEN base is taken out of the data to reflect the performance of children in our mainstream classes, another 6% can be added onto the percentage of children who achieve the expected level of development in reading, writing, maths and grammar at KS2.

Richard Alibon 2019 published data summary

Our historical performance data as a downloadable PDF

School Performance Data PDF

The following link takes you to our school page on the Department of Education’s School And College Performance Tables

Financial Data

The link to the school’s financial benchmarking page where our school expenditure can be compared to other schools can be found below.

The school, by law, has to publish the number of employees who have a gross salary of £100,000 or more.

At Richard Alibon Primary School, no members of staff earn a gross salary of £100,000 or more.