School Partnerships

Richard Alibon is a member of the Boleyn Trust Teaching School Alliance; an alliance of over 30 schools that include Early Years Settings, Children’s Centres, and Primary Schools. The Alliance has the capacity to offer high quality support for teachers and leaders at all stages in their career. It has National Leaders of Education leading schools and Local Leaders of Education. Many of its school leaders are trained Ofsted Inspectors and the Alliance has widespread capacity to outreach and support schools’ development needs. The Tollgate Teaching Alliance also has about 40 Specialist Leaders of Education.  Its vision is to ensure improved outcomes for children and young people by collaborating with other institutions to deliver outstanding:

  • Initial teacher training (ITT)
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • School-to-school support
  • Leadership and management training
  • Research and  development opportunities

The Alliance website can be found here:

We also work in partnership with the East London Alliance SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) as part of our work with the Teaching Alliance. The East London Alliance SCITT  is at the vanguard of Initial Teacher Training and offers 45 or more School Direct Places on a bespoke school centered salaried and non-salaried route into teaching. Richard Alibon usually trains one or two teachers each year in partnership with the East London Alliance SCITT.

The East London Alliance SCITT website can be found here:

Richard Alibon Primary is also a member of the Alliance for School Led Improvement; an Alliance of 9 local Barking and Dagenham Primary, Infant and Junior schools who work together to improve outcomes for children.

The Alliance website can be found here:

The school also works in partnership with SCITTELLS (School Centred Initial Teacher Training in East London Schools) to enable the training of a school salaried direct teachers at Richard Alibon Primary School.

The SCITTELLS website can be found here: