Our Additionally Resourced Provision for children with moderate to severe learning difficulties and complex needs

We are proud to have our Additional Resource Provision for children with moderate to severe learning difficulties and complex needs. Known as our Rainbow Class, it is a centre of excellence on which our own staff and those in other schools can draw. The 20-place resource meets the needs of pupils from Reception through to 11 years of age and is staffed by specialist teachers and a range of support staff.

All the children in the ARP have statements of special educational needs/ Education Health Care Plans and places are allocated by the local education authority. Usually parents of a child who may be suitable for a place are referred to us for an initial discussion about suitability from either an educational psychologist or school special needs co-ordinator.

All of our ARP children are registered in a mainstream class and depending on their level of need their timetable will be divided between the mainstream class and the ARP classrooms. Children mix with mainstream peers every break and lunch time; they attend whole school celebrations, year group trips, including residential trips and also attend clubs and lunchtime activities.

We actively encourage our ARP children to maximise their full access to the exciting life of our primary school whilst having the specialist support to meet their individual needs.

Additional support that can be offered in our ARP includes:

  • Adapted environments which support the learning needs of each child.
  • Robust systems to track small – step progress.
  • Additional Educational Psychologist and specialist health input as necessary.
  • Daily focus on individual targets.
  • Support for communication and social skills.
  • Modified maths and English curriculum dependent on needs and development.
  • Pre learning of vocabulary or lesson content for class based activities.
  • Use of visual materials and cues including Communication In Print and Makaton signing where necessary.
  • Development of fine and gross motor skills.
  • Social and emotional support.

Learning in our ARP is always fun and stimulating. All ARP children are encouraged to participate in various sporting activities for example; boccia, swimming, and athletics. The children also represent the school at Panathalon Competitions, Disability Inclusion Games and dance and drama festivals.

‘Stay and Play’ events with staff, school governors, parents, carers and family members also take place termly. This is a valuable time for everyone to work together on an informal basis. Parents/ carers get to know each other and all involved find the experience rewarding and uplifting.

Each Christmas our ARP children and staff put on their very own Christmas concert with Makaton signing. This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to grow in confidence, take centre stage and test out their singing and signing skills. The children and staff thoroughly enjoy every minute and we see budding singers and stars emerge every year!

Supporting parents is something we take very seriously in our ARP. Whenever possible we will arrange workshops or invite professionals to coffee mornings in order for parents/ carers to openly express and discuss any concerns or ideas they may have.

Our ARP is a real strength of the school. It has a very positive influence on all children and the entire school community. The relationships which have developed have enabled all of our children to better understand each other’s needs. This has been a significant factor in establishing the caring ethos which is evident in our school.

Our ARP offers an open door policy; we are always on hand to help and support in whatever way we can.

Our Rainbow class page (under the class page heading) shows you what we get up to. Come on in…we are excited to meet you!