China Tour 2019


Richard Alibon Students head off to China.

Tuesday 2nd April will be an exciting day for  some of the staff and students of  Year 5 and 6, they will be taking part in our exciting exchange program with China for 2019.

The trip is involves visiting Beijing and Luoyany. Whilst in both cities they will visit schools, take part in a vast number of cultural activities, visit the Great wall and The Forbidden city and experience a real China unavailable to most tourists.  This trip also encourages our students to link up with Chinese students to build strong links between schools for the future.

This year, we have 19 students going, all of whom will represent our school and borough.


We are already discussing and planning our 2020 trip. Each year these trips become bigger and better.

If you are interested in your child, taking part in the China trip 2020, then please contact the school or speak to your class teacher.