Year 6 home learning for the week beginning 20th July

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is the final week of a very unusual term – school closes for the summer holiday on Thursday 23rd July. We would like to thank you as parents and carers for all your help in ensuring your child has continued to learn at home this term. We know it has not been easy.

Please find the home learning for children in Year 6 this week- just click on the link below. As it is the last week of term we have a whole school theme that is the same for each child focusing on their achievements over this school year:

Achievements family home learning published

Summer holiday activities

We will publish a summer holiday activity page on this website whihc will give you links to government recommended learning websites for all subjects. Above all, we recomment that you keep encouraging your child to read over the summer, have a go at learning the spellings we sent home and use TTrockstars to keep practicing times tables.

While the teaching staff will not be checking the year group email addresses over the summer, the school office email will be regularly checked if you need to contact us.

It has been such an unusual end to your child’s primary school career and the school  staff really wish they could say their goodbyes in person. But we would all like to send you as parents/ carers and the children in Year 6 our very best wishes for the future.