On Wednesday 31st January, Year 4  had a special visitor, who had travelled from the past, to meet us! He was a slave called Celar, who lived during the times of Roman Britain.

We were able to ask him questions to understand domestic life in Roman Britain and how slaves were an essential part of the Roman Empire. We learnt all about duties of a kitchen slave, such as lighting the fires, fetching water, baking bread and cooking and cleaning. Celar also showed us objects that he uses in his everyday chores as a slave to Roman people.

We learnt all about how he dresses and asked him lots of questions about what life is like for a slave in Roman Britain. We even pretended to be a slave and helped him with some chores – even the smelly ones!

After Celar left, we created some large paintings of slaves doing different work. Can you see what each slave was doing?