Virtual Reality Space

To kick start our new topic ‘Infinity and Beyond’, the children were taken into outer space. They were able to see planets such as Mars and Jupiter and their moons. This amazing experience was demonstrated through the use of VR (virtual reality) systems. The children were taken to our ICT suite to meet Chris, who was able to give the children a taster session into the topic. Through the VR, children were able to witness first-hand what it looks like in space alongside learning about outer space.

Billy from Year 5 Emerald class stated “It felt like I was in space for real, it felt like I was floating in the air”.  We hope this has really helped the children to become more curious about the topic, this will help them with their summer holiday homework booklets. It has also began preparing and engaging them for the first two weeks back in school in the autumn, where all their lessons will be around the topic of ‘Space’.