The Globe – Culture, Creativity and Year 5!!!

On 13th March 2018, the whole of Year 5 went to visit The Globe in London. One hundred and twenty students and eleven adults descended on London to take part in a drama workshop as part of the National Shakespeare week and to complete our literacy topic on Macbeth.

We arrived in London to have lunch outside the Tate Gallery and then have an exclusive tour at The Globe. Year 5 were fantastic and made our school and staff really proud by sharing their knowledge of Shakespeare, The Globe and their passion for Macbeth. Our guides made a point of letting all the staff know how impressed they were with our students’ enthusiasm.

After a tour of The Globe, we then split up into groups and took part in our own drama workshops.

Year 5 were , as always, well behaved, enthusiastic and fantastic fun.

We were and are incredibly proud of them.