Our Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum at Richard Alibon

At Richard Alibon we provide all pupils with a broad and balanced Creative Curriculum where learning is creative, stimulating, inclusive and challenging which inspires future thinkers, innovators and problems solvers.

We believe creativity is crucial in enabling children to achieve high standards. By being creative children learn to think for themselves, become adaptable and learn key skills for life. It plays an important part in the curriculum by motivating and engaging the children and enabling them to become more independent and confident learners.

The Creative Curriculum at Richard Alibon has been designed to promote children’s creativity and the development of skills to enable them to have an enriching, enjoyable and successful education at our school.

The Creative Curriculum overview

To ensure progression, coverage and skills are carefully planned for, we have a school overview which outlines the topics each year group is focusing on throughout the academic year. This has been carefully planned for to allow for progression and skills to be developed in a natural way. Each topic continues for one term which allows for learning to be of a greater depth. A range of learning opportunities are also put in place to support the teaching of our creative curriculum, including: educational visits, workshops and visitors.


Our whole school overviews for each foundation subject can be found below:





art and design whole school overview

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum our school is following please ask to speak to the creative curriculum lead at the school. The programmes of study for the national curriculum also contains useful information. The links to each subject’s programmes of study within our creative curriculum can be found below.

Links to the National Curriculum

The programmes of study for History can be found here

The programmes of study for Geography can be found here

The programmes of study for Music can be found here

The programmes of study for Design Technology can be found here

The programmes of study for Art And Design  can be found here

Creative Home Learning

Richard Alibon’s Creative Home Learning encourages the children to be more creative at home. A task is set weekly which the children can complete in any creative way that they choose: drawing, writing, cutting and sticking or making.

The tasks often relate to work covered in class but are flexible and suit all learning styles and abilities. Occasionally there are whole school tasks set which cover whole school themes and issues.

Children’s learning is shared in class so that each child can learn from each other and be proud of the learning he or she has produced. Creative Home Learning encourage the children to be proud of their learning, share experiences, create links with home and build enthusiastic learners.